“I’m starting with the man in the mirror”

How did I find myself here in this situation? I’m not entirely sure. I have been many things in my life: a  Forest child, a gymnast, a punk rock drummer, a body builder, a surfer, a free diver, a sailer, a runner, a rock climber, a fire fighter, a builder of houses, a husband, a father, and many other things in between. Through the many phases of my life I have learned many lessons and have had many excellent adventures. However, I have never  been a writer, but that’s the great thing about life. You can never know for sure what you may be doing or where you’re going to be.

photo-on-10-7-16-at-12-03-pm-3Now here I am the proud owner of a blog… but why? I started this adventure so I could share the lessons of my successes and my failures with the world, in hope that I can help others find their way through life, without making the same mistakes I have made. My inspiration for this comes largely from my children. I want them to have the best possible chance at a healthy, happy life, in a healthy vibrant world. The best way I can think to accomplish this is by leading by example. If you want to save the world, you have to start somewhere, and in the immortal words of the late Michael Jackson  “I’m starting with the man in the mirror”.  So join me on this quest so that together we can make great things happen.

Yours truly and Enthusiastically,

The Captain, Enthusiastic.



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