Vote For a Better World Every Day

If you are like me, you are probably feeling extremely frustrated and dispirited due to the current political disgrace that is the 2016 presidential election. I’d like to remind you of something that you do everyday that has a tremendous effect on our world, and allows you to vote for whatever or whomever you want. A vote more powerful than any of  you will cast in this coming election. I like to refer to it as…”VOTING WITH YOUR DOLLAR!” Remember, every time you do or do not choose to make a purchase, you are exercising one of your most powerful abilities to change our world. Let me explain my thinking. Our world, for better or for worse, is run by money. We are a capitalist society. If you choose to buy or not buy a certain product, you are voting for or against that product and all that the manufacturing and marketing of that product entails. From the very beginning of its raw materials, to it’s eventual end and all the pockets that are filled along the way. In turn the manufacturer will continue to make products just like it, because they need your money to survive. The store you bought it from will continue to sell similar products because that is what’s making them money. If you choose not to buy their product they will either change their product to appease you, or perish. It’s as simple as that, suppliers have to meet popular demand.

Please consume responsibly, and remember that every dollar you spend has an effect. Sometimes it isn’t cheap to vote for what you want, but it’s important to do your best. Don’t let the corporations and politicians trick you into thinking you have no power. Remember that you are a shepherd not one of the sheep! So whatever happens in this year’s election, remember that you have the power to vote for whatever you choose, everyday!

Below are some ways that my family and I save money, so we can afford to vote for what we want. Not only can you save a surprising amount of money with some of these, but you may also notice that a lot of them will significantly improve your health and quality of  life. I’d love to hear of the ways that you all save money to afford your votes. Please share so we can all learn from each other.

Yours truly and enthusiastically,

The Captain, Enthusiastic

Ways to save

  • Get the children’s clothes second hand from friends and families with older children.
  • Cook our meals at home from scratch, and save the left-overs for another meal.
  • Reduce meat and dairy consumption.
  • Start a garden.
  • Buy in season fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t buy bottled water, invest in a filter.
  • No cable or satellite tv subscription.
  • Rarely drink alcohol and almost never go out for drinks.
  • Go on budget vacations, such as camping.
  • Cut your own hair. It’s not as hard as you might think.
  • Hang out clothes to dry.
  • Drive a small, efficient, affordable car, that is neither stylish or trendy.
  • View movies from home rather than in theaters.
  • Limited data plan on phones.
  • Shop the sales!
  • Skip on the junk food treats and fancy drinks. If you need a boost, black coffee works wonders-you’ll get used to it.
  • Don’t buy the little things that you don’t really need; remember quality over quantity. Consume responsibly!
  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions, such as magazines that you don’t really read anymore.

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