The Captain Becomes an Ambassador: Working with Stream2Sea, to help you do better and save your skin.

Hey Everyone! I am super excited to share something with you all!

The Captain has teamed up with Stream 2 Sea  and is officially an ambassador for their truly wonderful products.  As a Sunaholic , aquaholic and all around outdoor enthusiast of decidedly caucasian decent, Skin care is a important subject for me. I have suffered through a plethora of terrible sunburns because I refuse to wear sunscreen  on account of the multitude of hazardous chemicals commonly found in them. My thinking is that I am more likely to get cancer from the sunscreen than the sun. Until Now! So here is the skinny on what Stream 2 Sea is all about and how it will help you live a happier healthier life!

I first heard about Stream 2 Sea from my good friend Jill, you may remember her from The Trashy girls guide to saving the planet. She had recently come on board with Stream 2 Sea and sent me a few samples of their products and some literature. I was so impressed with the products that I started to research Stream 2 Sea to see what they were all about. Here is what I have learned and why I decided to support them.

Stream 2 Sea is one of those rare companies who’s first priority is not making money. Their first priority is to protect the world’s waters and all the life that depends on them. Stream 2 Sea’s products are designed to provide their customers with safe and effective sun protection and skin and hair care products without the harmful chemicals commonly found in sunscreens and other health and beauty products.  Most sunscreens, contain chemicals that poison wildlife and bleach coral reefs, not to mention slowly poisoning the human user. Stream 2 Sea uses none of these toxins . Furthermore the “plastic” tubes that the products come in are also environmentally friendly. They are made from sugarcane resin and are 100% biodegradable.

All earths waters are connected. Be aware of what you put in them

Did you know that 4000-6000 TONS of skin care products are estimated to enter the coral reefs each year from tourist activities alone! That’s insane! This estimate does not even take into account  the amount of product entering our ocean from fresh water recreation. I bet it is at least as much if not more. You then have to take into account the amount that comes from waste water. I would guess we are looking at 30,000 tons a year. Ask yourself, honestly, how much do you think you contribute?  You should take a good look at the products you use and see what you are actually putting into your body.You may be unpleasantly surprised. Stream 2 Sea has a 100% transparency policy when it comes to their ingredients, you should always know what is going on your skin and in your water.

A list of common hazardous chemicals found in your skin care products, how many do you use?

Your skin is designed to let certain things in. It can absorb a plethora of essential nutrients, like water soluble vitamins such as A, B12, C, E, D and minerals like Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium  from your environment. Unfortunately in the days when your body was evolving its amazing dermal layer, there was no need to evolve the filtering system to keep out the synthetic chemicals of todays world. Stream 2 Sea allotted 60% percent of its start-up cost to eco-lab testing, so that they can say, with absolute certainty, that they are “ an Eco-Conscious skin care line that is healthy for our bodies and for the waters of our planet” On their web site, they provide a comprehensive list of chemicals commonly found in skin care products (as pictured above)  that are known to be Health and our Eco hazards.  As well as excellent information on how to make safer skin care choices for you and your environment. So no more choosing between saving your skin,  saving your liver, or saving the environment!

I know this sounds like a marketing campaign, because it sort of is. But, I truly believe in what Stream 2 Sea is doing and want to be a part of it. I really do want you to buy their products. We should’t have to choose between our health or the health of our environment,  because we cannot! Our health and our environment are intimately linked. If we as consumers start buying great products like these, then the market will change to provide more just like them.  It’s voting with your dollar at its best.

Stream 2 Sea has given me a personal coupon code, enthusiastic1, thats enthusiastic and the number one, to share with my friends. It’s not a whole lot, only 10% off, but every little bit helps right? By using my coupon code you will also be supporting me, The Captain Enthusiastic. I receive a small commission for every order placed using my coupon code. However I’m going to see about getting more of the local stores to carry their products so you won’t have to pay for shipping anymore. Please share the love, the coupon code has no limits so share it with all your friends!

Get on board! Happy world = Happy self! 
Oxybenzone free sunscreen

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